A Huge Playing with Fire Shout Out…

Time to wrap up our 2018 Concert Series with an acknowledgment to the many generous and supportive people who made our 15th year a sizzling success.

Please scroll down to see the amazing list of who made this year’s concerts so spectacular!

  • To our fantabulous Fans: 
    • We celebrate YOU for your ongoing commitment and support! 
    • Thank you for supporting our charitable partners with your free-will donations.
    • Thank YOU for believing in the power of live music!
  • To our incredible Performers!
  • To our passionate Partners:
    • An enthusiastic cheer to our Charitable Partner, BluesEd, for their commitment and hard work at this year’s concert series and hosting of the AfterBurn Jam.
    • To the Blues Society of Omaha for supporting live music, keeping the blues alive and honoring PwF’s commitment to BluesEd.
  • To our Venue and Production:   
  • To our Media Partners:
    • Al Lundy, Highway Blues: KZUM
    • Rick Galusha, P.S.Blues: KIWR 
    • Mike Jacobs, Blues In The Afternoon:  KIOS 
    • Jim Minge, Omaha Dispatch: The Dispatch
  • To our Donors, Sponsors & Grantors: 
  • To our Volunteers! 
    • Without YOU Playing with Fire would not happen!!!
    • An abundance of appreciation and thanks to each of our very supportive Team of Volunteers:
      • PwF 2018 Production Team:
        • JB Duncan, Don Keller, John Holecek, Kim Stix 
        • Daniel Griffin, Jr, Didi Porter, Kevin Shouse, Olivia Malik
        • Gail Beaudry-Heuton, Dave Heuton, Sher Dostal-Newland, Terry Newland
        • Andrew & Maggie Ebert, James Bissaillion, Lisa Barrett, Anna Wiley
        • Colleen Stuvick, Jackie Newman, Kim & Dale Gilbertson
        • Karen Levin, Ellie Archer, Rozely Penkowski
        • Brady Wells, Kait Madsen-Wells, Bill Donald, Hannah Stenzler
      • The BluesEd Donations/Bucket Brigade Volunteers
      • Photographers:
        • Alan R. Smith, Herb Thompson, Ben Baldwin, John Gieruszczak
      • Guest Announcers: 
        • Mark Stenzler, Doug Backer, Ron Gerard
        • John Gieruszczak, Terry O’Halloran 
      •  The PwF Team
        •  Jeff Davis, Vanessa Marie
        • Chris Shouse, Laura Luger

Please forgive us if we have inadvertently omitted or failed to acknowledge any other supporter(s) of Playing with Fire 2018.  

We welcome your continuing support and commitment to free live music.
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