Wielding an arsenal of rock, folk, and soul, this Paris-based power trio has toured extensively in Europe, opened for Santana, and performed for France’s largest festivals like Rock en Seine (with 100,000 people in its audience). Rolling Stone magazine calls their music “an elegant adventure; a hybrid of Celtic, Garage Rock, Folk and blooming good Blues.” Fans say the band’s music and live shows are full of extraordinary energy and musicianship “that will make you cry, that will make you dance.”

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  • João Francisco “Jeff” Preto:  Bass, Banjo, Harmonica and Background Vocals
  • Gunnar Ellwanger:  Guitar, Lead Singer and Songwriter
  • David Lacombe:  Drums, Keyboard and Background Vocals

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  • Gunwood Circle E.P. (2015)
  • Traveling Soul (2017)
  • Traveling Soul [DELUXE EDITION] (2019)

Insights from PwF Producer Jeff Davis about Gunwood

When did you first hear about the artist, or when did you first hear them perform?

I ran across a video of Gunwood in the fall of 2017 while researching another artist. I stopped looking at the other band and focused my energy on booking Gunwood.

What is it about the artist that made you select them for the 2019 PwF concert series?

High energy performances. Unique sound and poignant lyrics. Immediate engagement with audience. Vanessa and I showcased Gunwood at a show in Paris, April 2018, where they opened for a well known American guitarist. We thought they stole the show. I saw them again in Strasbourg, France this past November, sold out show for a first-time audience, the crowd loved them.

How would you describe the artist’s sound?

Rock with a touch of Celtic folk.

Do you think the artist’s sound is similar to any other artist (not performing this year)? If so, who?

I think Gunwood has a totally unique sound.

Anything about the artist that we wouldn’t find online?

Gunwood’s Gunnar Elwanger’s father is an atomic physicist!

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