Keeping the Blues Alive Award

The Blues Foundation – Keeping the Blues Alive Award 2018

Playing with Fire would like to offer HUGE congratulations to the Blues Society of Omaha and the BluesED youth artist program for receiving a “Keeping the Blues Alive” award this year at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.  We have always believed strongly in the theBluesED program and that is why the student bands of BluesED have opened every single Playing with Fire concert for the past 14 years.

Doug Backer, the founder of BluesED, gives a lot of credit to Playing with Fire for the growth and professionalism of the students.  “When student bands performed on the large Playing with Fire stage with a stadium-sized sound system, they learned stage techniques, sound check techniques and had the opportunity to play in front of large and appreciative audiences.”  In addition, he believes when BluesEd students witness the behind-the-scenes of a large music festival it provides thrills and incentives that are an essential part of the student’s education and training.  

Jeff Davis, founder of PwF explains, “If you want young people to appreciate this kind of music, you need to expose them to it, educate them through master clinics and then finally give them opportunities to be recognized for performing it.”  The student bands of BluesEd that have opened the PwF Free Concert Series are always impressive and continue to amaze us with their talents despite their young age. Congratulations to the students, parents, directors, clinicians, and alumni of BluesEd on receiving a Keeping the Blues Alive award in 2018.

Heather Newman, BluesEd Alumna, Speaks at the International Blues Challenge

At the age of 11, her interest in music took her to BluesED. BluesED took her to the PwF Stage and from there to establishing her own band.  In her own words….
Thank You for the warm kudos, Heather!

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