#MusicHeals – Part 1 in a Series of the Healing Powers of Music

We all know how music can soothe our soul. But now research suggests music can heal our body as well. The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland neuroscientists have performed extensive research on the healing powers of music.

“Today, modern technologies are helping researchers learn more about how the brain works, what parts of the brain respond to music, and how music might help ease symptoms of certain diseases and conditions,” explains Dr. Finkelstein of the NIH.

How do our Playing with Fire fans receive the full benefit of the healing power of music?

Northwestern University neuroscientist, Dr. Nina Kraus, says, “Think of music like physical fitness or what you eat. To see the most health benefits, try to include music as a regular, consistent part of your life. It’s never too late to add music to your life.”

Read the full article here on the healing power of music and view this amazing video from the BBC on the brain and music.

With all the challenges facing our world today, PwF wants to bring our readers a musical break to brighten your day. This begins our series with PwF taking a look back at the exceptional artists who have graced the PwF Stage over our 15 years of free summer concerts.

The inherent magic of an old soul vocalist, Meena Cryle, with the brilliant guitar hand of Chris Filmore, first entertained Playing with Fire at the Lewis and Clark Landing in 2012. Everyone loved them so much we just had to bring them back for an encore in 2013!  (Meena Cryle and The Chris Filmore Band)

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