Part 1 of 2 – July 14th Answers

Were you following along with all the clues we’ve given to our PwF News subscribers and social media fans?   We are finally revealing the answers to our clues!  How many of your guesses were correct?  


Clue #1 for July 14th Artist:  This artist currently has four songs off of their first CD in the TOP 50 of a major music poll.

PwF Artist Revealed:  Heather Newman Band Heather’s first CD, Burn Me Alive, is burnin’ it up and will be available for purchase at PwF on July 14th following her performance.

Clue #2 for July 14th PwF Artist:  This band’s lead vocalist also plays baritone guitar, the harp, and keyboards. The band has won 10 Maple Blues Awards and a JUNO (the Canadian Grammy.) The band’s lead guitarist and drummer performed at PwF with another band in 2006. 

PwF Artist Revealed:  MonkeyJunk!  MonkeyJunk just added another JUNO Music Award to their collection for their new album, Time to Roll, for Best Blues Album of the Year.  Longtime PwF fans may recognize Tony D and Matt Sobb from their performance at PwF in 2006 with the Tony D Band.  

Clue #3 for July 14 PwF Artist:  This artist has won 2 JUNO Awards, 7 Maple Blues Awards (3 of which are for guitarist of the year) and a first prize in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition. Jeff Healey considered this artist the best guitarist in Canada!

PwF Artist Revealed: Jack de Keyzer! “If Jack de Keyzer was from Chicago, New York or LA, he’d be famous” Bob Dylan. 

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